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  This month in Dinamo History...   01.10.1975. Danijel Premerl died in Zagreb.   02.10.1947. Marijan Novak born in Zagreb.   03.10.1980. Ivan Turina born in Zagreb.   08.10.1968. Zvonimir Boban born in Imotski.   09.10.1975. Mark Viduka born in Melbourne (Australia).   15.10.1978. Boško Balaban born in Rijeka.   15.10.2012. Vladimir Čonč died in Zagreb.   17.10.1953. Rudolf Cvek born in Dugo Selo.   19.10.1943. Branko Gračanin born in Zagreb.   26.10.1950. Dragutin 'Drago' Vabec born in Čakovec.   29.10.1954. Milan Čalasan born in Maribor (Slovenia).   01.10.1950. Former YU League game. Dinamo vs Crvena zvezda 1:0. Scorer: Pukšec.   02.10.1945. Friendly game. Dinamo vs Metalac 2:0. Scorers: Kacian, Beda.   03.10.1948. Former YU League game. Dinamo Zagreb vs Lokomotiva Zagreb 3:0. Scorers: Wlfl, eljko Čajkovski, Lampelj.   04.10.1961. Fairs Cup. 1st round. Group A, 2nd match. Dinamo Zagreb vs BK Kobenhavn 2:2 (1:1). Scorers: Remete 29', Marković 70'; Rasmussen 31', H. Andersen 40'.   05.10.1969. Former YU League game. Dinamo vs Partizan 2:0. Scorers: Rora, Gutzmirtl.  

GNK Dinamo Zagreb


In the spring of 1911 Croatia was still a part of Austria-Hungary. Not happy with its status and position over the years Croats were always looking for ways how to express their wish for independence and its national feelings. Football was just one of them. In the April of 1911 the talk of the town was that a new Hungarian football club (Zgrbi magyar torna klub) is to be formed in Zagreb and was to be a member of Hungarian Football Association, even though all other Zagreb's football clubs were members of Croatian Sports Association which was formed in 1909. As the revolt among Croat sports people grew the feeling was that it is time for another Football club to be established in Zagreb ahead of the Hungarian one, thus Hrvatski Gradjanski Športski Klub u Zagrebu (Croatian Citizen's Sports Club in Zagreb) was founded on 26th of April 1911.
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Bad Blue Boys


The history of BBB dates back to mid 1980s when the pioneers of the 'coloured blue' had an image of organisation. The name Bad Blue Boys was inspired by the movie Bad Boys starring Sean Penn. All over Europe and former Yugoslavia active supporters were becoming a regular part of the football spectacle. It wasn't enough to stand behind your team on home ground and so the most organised began their journeys. When said organised it doesn't mean organised by the club (there was those, but they were rare), but small groups of people in Zagreb's suburbs started forming their own ways about making themselves heard, and they were heard allright. Troughout the years other cities all over former Yugoslavia were visited in succession, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Split, Niš, Subotica, Vinkovci, Mostar, Novi Sad, Banja luka, Skopje, Osijek, Rijeka. At every opportunity and in every corner of that country
Bad Blue Boys made it obvious how much they love Dinamo, Zagreb and Croatia....
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Trivia & Stats


- The Club was finalist in 11 out of  first 12 Croatian Cups (1941 & 1992 - 2002)
- Dinamo was never relegated from domestic 1st Division
- Dinamo won 5 consecutive Championships, 1995/96 - 1999/00
- Dinamo won 8 consecutive Championships, 2005/06 - 2012/13
- Dinamo was in 7 consecutive Croatian Cup finals (1992 - 1998)
- Dinamo achieved double digit score of 10:1 in 1. HNL vs NK Pazinka in 1993/94 season
- Dinamo achieved domestic double 8 times 1995/96, 96/97, 97/98, 2006/07, 07/08, 08/09, 10/11, 11/12
- Dinamo achieved domestic double in 3 consecutive years twice, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1997/98 and 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09
- Dinamo had 13:0 goal difference in all home matches on their way to winning 1966/67 Fairs Cup/UEFA Cup:
05.10.1966. vs Spartak ZJ (Brno) was 2:0, 02.11.1966. vs Dunfermline Athletic FC was 2:0, 01.03.1967. vs FC Dinamo (Pitesti) was 0:0, 19.04.1967. vs Juventus FC (Torino) was 3:0, 14.06.1967. vs Eintracht Frankfurt was 4:0 and 30.08.1967. vs Leeds United AFC, in the first leg of the final, was 2:0
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On This Day...


Dinamo's greatest day
By Elvir Islamović
Croatia's most successful club, NK Dinamo Zagreb's finest hour came in the 1966/67 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup when they won what remains their country's only European trophy. A talented generation of players that included striker Slaven Zambata and goalkeeper Zlatko Škorić lifted the forerunner of the UEFA Cup.
Friendly success
The signs of success were there in pre-season friendly victories against a strong AC Milan side and Celtic FC - who would become European champions later that season. Nevertheless,what followed surprised even the Dinamo players. "No one, not even us, expected such a brilliant season," said Zambata. "There was a big difference between us and the rich clubs from the west. We played against teams where one player cost more than our entire squad."
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